Wednesday, August 20, 2014

DEBIAN celebrates its twenty birthday


DEBIAN celebrates its twenty birthday

Debian celebrate its project over 21 years to its inception, making it one of the oldest open source projects in existence.

Debian is one of the most widely used Linux distributions around the world, and the most famous distributions based on them, and on top of Ubuntu, the Debian Linux distribution is more stable and stable at all so it described as "the rock."

We also know that Valve has created its own operating system for games SteamOS which is based on Debian, and this is evidence of the power of this distribution, which made ​​them the choice despite the presence of dozens of famous distributions.

Interestingly, the new policy is pursued by the developers of the project, as it will provide 6 years of support for Debian Wheezy, is likely to apply the policy on future versions as well.

Do you use Debian ?


Saturday, August 16, 2014

Tip : make VLC running automatically full screen


Tip : make VLC running automatically full screen

VLC media player is strong and supports a lot of video formats, and in this quick tip we will explain how you can make VLC automatically and directly run video in Full Screen mode .

Open the program, click on the Tools list in the top bar of the program, and then click on Preferences, open the Settings window, click on the Video tab and then place the tick on the option fullscreen as the following image shows :

vlc preferences


Top 10 Programming Code Editors for Linux


Top 10 Programming Text Editors for Linux

Programmers have common and known term called IDE ( Integrated Development Environment ), or the so-called script editor that helps you write the code, built, operated, organized and assist ; Here are the top 10 Programming Text Editor for Linux

1 . Komodo


Komodo is the Excellent IDE built on the Mozilla project the famous Komodo supports many programming languages ​​famous such as Perl, Python , PHP , C \ C + +, Ruby , JavaScript , TCL, CSS, HTML, XML, RHTM; Komodo has all features that you need and he has a very good interface and easy to use , but it is not free , but you can always get a free copy of the open source project through openkomodo.

2 . Eclipse


Eclipse is Celebrity editor for Java programmers with advanced features , also supports Python C \ C + +, it uses plugins, it is desirable for beginners , but it is an excellent option for advanced .

3 . CodeBlocks


Codeboks is a very good Editor, special for C \ C + + languages (you can use the Python by adding certain plugin) ; it includes everything you need for C and C + + , such as gtk and qt It supports more than an interpreter, it is the best option for C \ C + + programmers .

4 . NetBeans


Netbeans is a production of Sun, free and open source written using Java, It is known to be an excellent option for programmers of Java and graphical interfaces for Java , but also supports C \ C + +, Python , Ruby , Javascript , PHP , the only problem it is that it is not intended well .

5 . Geany


Geany editor is very lightweight and it supports C and Python and Perl and Pascal and Java ruby PHP and HTML , it's a small editor in size and very simple .

6 . Codelite


Codelite is a strong editor and open source dedicated to C \ C + + programmers, it resembles Codebloks in many ways, but with fewer features and supports syntax for other languages ​​.

7 . MonoDevelop


MonoDevelop editor is primarily designed for C # language and the NET languages ; Mono enables developers to quickly create software desktop and, Mono enables developers to easily port NET applications that you have created using Visual Studio to Linux and to maintain the abstract code.

8 . Anjuta


Anjuta editor is flexible software dedicated C \ C + + on GNU \ Linux , it is designed specifically for the GNOME \ GTK and includes a number of advanced programming facilities , it also has the glade / gnome GUI designer / code generator, it is dedicated to the Linux system .

9 . KDevelop


KDevelop fully supports the following languages ​​: C \ C + +, Ruby , PHP , and is often used on the front of KDE and QT environment and many of its users has turned to QTCreator without forgetting that there are a number of KDevelop lovers .

10 . Gedit


Gedit is not originally IDE but it is originally a text editor , but a few additions to it becomes able to be an IDE and supports many languages.

What is your comment about this list ? What is the best IDE for you ?


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Turin, Italian city will provide eight million dollars when moving to Linux


Turin, Italian city will provide eight million dollars when moving to Linux

State behind the state .. and the city behind the city .. turn to the world of open source, last of these is the city of Turin of Italy, which announced its intention to convert to open-source, to Ubuntu distro precisely, which will gradually convert more than 8300 computer from the Windows system and software closed to Ubuntu and free software, it is expected that the process takes a year and a half to be completed.

If the city remained on Windows and Microsoft Office .. had to pay about $ 29.5 million over five years, but with the transition to free software, it will pay only 21.4 million dollars .. which means providing more than 8 million dollars and this at the level of only one city in 8300 a computer belonging to the local authorities, and that this amount will be reduced too at the end of training sessions for staff and workshops and transport operations for the first time, then will become employees are able on their own to manage devices and run and will not return there are high costs and there is no annual amounts to be paid as in the past.

It is expected that Turin will become the first Italian city fully transmitted to the Free Software and Linux system .. In the case of the experiment succeeds, it is expected to continue to shift to the movements of free software in several other cities in Italy.


Valencia Schools provide 50 million dollars due to LINUX


Valencia Schools provide 50 million dollars due to LINUX

Valencia is located east of Spain and the largest city in the country, announced that its schools have been transformed into Linux, specifically to the Lliurex distribution created by Spain for those schools, which is based on the Edubuntu educational distribution, and Lliurex is used in more than 110 thousand computer teachers.

The process of transmission of Valencia Schools for Linux to save about 36 million euros (equivalent to approximately $ 50 million) over the past nine years.

Lliurex distribution is managed by the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration; during the installation process, users can choose between several options differ in their suitability for use, there is an option for use in schools or homes, and another for small and medium-sized businesses. The Lliurex and one of the many free software projects in the autonomous region of Valencia, Spain.

Instead, there are about more than 120 thousand desktop computers in Valencia which uses LibreOffice including schools, courts, and have the government said last year that the use of LibreOffice will help provide 1.5 million euros a year (the equivalent of nearly two million dollars) .

Not only this, there is also another area in western Spain called "Extremadura", which also uses her own Linux distribution called linex installed on more than 70 thousand computer teachers in the region.


Ubuntu expands in India


Ubuntu expands in India

India is the fastest growing market for open-source operating system Ubuntu, thanks to links \ alliances with leading vendors of computers, and the increasing reliance on cloud applications and web solutions in the country where institutions see the  that Ubuntu is very good at such things and things.

Linux has grown by 50% from last year in India, and perhaps this is thanks to a partnership with Canonical my company Dell and HP, to attach to the system operated with certain models of those Laptops displayed in India.

India is the fastest growing market for us for adoption on Ubuntu, it's definitely one of our main markets globally. - Prakash Advani: Regional Director for Canonical in Asia and the Pacific. 

As many companies have moved to cloud storage, and this means that Ubuntu has become more important for them, and also said: that people are switching to Ubuntu because it is simpler to understand and easy to install and use. - Sanchit Vir Gogia. 

We chose Ubuntu because it is stable, and does not require the struggles of viruses Unlike Windows, it is very safe and cost-effective. - Mahesh Pawar. 

To ensure that it comfortable for users, JustDial company began conducting training in the field of basic awareness about Ubuntu.

If some users insisted on the use of the Windows system, we will educate these people how they can use the Ubuntu system more efficient. - Pawar. 
We seek to make important applications running on open source operating systems. - Srikanth Raman: Director of Information Technology at Narayana Hrudayalaya. 
In last two years, Ubuntu was able to penetrate the government and education sectors with some great bargains, such as the deal of 15-lakh where bought Delhi University 61 A computer installed upon Ubuntu also bought the province of Assam Omitron 28 thousand computers; as the company JustDial transferred substantially all its computers amounting 4500 computer to Ubuntu, for their use of the CRM system that works from the browser.

Ubuntu has also seen a growth in the consumer sector of users who opt for cheap versions of laptops pre-installed with Ubuntu, and there are about 850 stores in the country sells Laptops HP and Dell pre-installed with Ubuntu system.